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Korean GongJu
Shine Muscat

공주님 샤인머스켓

Gongju Shine Muscat achieves the golden ratio in terms of weight, sugar content, coloration, and sunlight exposure.

They are the top-tier certification of Korean Shine Muscat and is the best of the best

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Only one bunch of grapes per vine

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Average BRIX:


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Color Intensity:


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>150 days

Size :


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Korean Gongju Premium Shine Muscat

from Gimcheon City in Gyeongsangbuk-do・경상북도 김천시

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The Birth of
Gongju  Shine Muscat


Geographical Advantage

Gimcheon City in Gyeongsangbuk-do has 30 years of experience in grape cultivation and is the most important grape-producing region in Korea., accounting for 90% of the country's Shine Muscat production.

The soil of Gimcheon City has a higher content of germanium, with the clean springs and rivers makes it the best place for growing grapes. 


The average temperature difference during the growing season is 10 degrees, with an average of 14 hours of sunlight per day.  The unique geographical advantages contribute to the production of high-quality Shine Muscat grapes.

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Unique Planting Technique

Each Gongju Shine Muscat is cultivated using the "one bunch of grapes per vine" method, where farmers remove grapes that do not grow optimally and concentrate all the nutrients on one remaining bunch, resulting in sweeter and larger grapes. 


Bag cultivation is used to prevent pests and contamination, significantly reducing the use of pesticides.


And every farm growing Gongju Shine Muscat grapes have obtained the "Global Good Agricultural Practices Certification" (GlobalG.A.P.) and have a traceability system to ensure quality and food safety.

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High Quality Control Standard

With their rich experience, the farmers determine the best grapes based on sugar content, ripeness, and coloration.  

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Dual Sugar Content Certification

All Gongju Shine Muscat go through dual sugar content certification, sugar content is first measured using a handheld device in the field, and then a large-scale testing machine is used after harvesting, every bunch of grape is conducted manual inspection and packaging finally.  

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Manual inspection and packaging

By combining the expertise of the farmers and the precise of mechanical ensures that each bunch of Gongju Shine Muscat meets the highest standards!

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Direct Delivery to Hong Kong

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Korean Gongju® Premium Shine Muscat

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